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The Navy

Raemaekers, Louis, 1919, Chromolithograph
The Navy
The Navy
The Navy
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The Navy
"On Thursday, 21st November 1918, the German battleships and battle cruisers were handed over to the custody of the British Fleet in the waters off the mouth of the Firth of Forth.

'For four and a half years of war the Navy had the opportunity of showing to the country that it was worthy of the trust which the country had put in it, and of indicating to the world that the teaching and training of the past, during which many gallant and distinguished men had given the best years of their life, had not been wasted. Never in the history of the world did a great Navy have a task to perform which was so difficult, and yet had so little opportunity of achieving honour and glory. The very nature of the war itself was against us in this matter. But when the opportunities did occur the Navy acted up to those glorious traditions which have been handed down for countless years. - Admiral Beatty, At the Naval Peace Dinner, Portsmouth, 22nd September 1919."
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33.4 x 23.6 cm
Art and Design Library
Louis Raemaekaers' drawings are reproduced by kind permission of the Louis Raemaekers Foundation.