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Our Lady of Antwerp

Raemaekers, Louis, 1916, Chromolithograph
Our Lady of Antwerp
Our Lady of Antwerp
Our Lady of Antwerp
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Our Lady of Antwerp
Text accompanying the image taken from Powell's 'Fighting in Flanders', London, 1915:

"The Flight from Antwerp, 7-8 October 1914: I saw white-haired men and women grasping the harness of the gun-teams or the stirrup-leathers of the troopers, who, themselves exhausted from many days of fighting, slept in their saddles as they rode. I saw springless farm-wagons literally heaped with wounded soldiers with piteous white faces; the bottoms of the wagons leaked and left a trail of blood behind them. A very old Priest, too feeble to walk, was trundled by two young priests in a handcart. A young woman, an expectant mother, was tenderly and anxiously helped on by her husband. Here was a group of Capuchin monks abandoning their monastery; there a little party of white-faced nuns shepherding a flock of children - many of them fatherless. The confusion was beyond all imagination ... the groans of the wounded, the cries of women, the whimpering of children, threats, pleadings, oaths, screams, imprecations, and always the monotonous shuffle, shuffle of countless weary feet."
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34.4 x 25.9 cm
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Louis Raemaekaers' drawings are reproduced by kind permission of the Louis Raemaekers Foundation.