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Horse and Man; The Ass and the Enemy

Crane, Walter, 1900, Publisher's print
Horse and Man; The Ass and the Enemy
Horse and Man; The Ass and the Enemy
Horse and Man; The Ass and the Enemy
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Horse and Man; The Ass and the Enemy. Illustrated page from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
An upper and a lower horizontal panel frame the rhymes. In the upper panel, a man with a spear and mounted on a horse chases a stag through the landscape. Below, a man pulls at the reins of a donkey, a whip in one hand, and in the distance are the silhouettes of horsemen and a cloud of dust. The donkey is lying down, laden with packs. The two rhymes read:
"Horse and Man

When the horse first took man on his back,
To help him the stag to attack;
How little his dread,
As the enemy fled,
Man would make him his slave and his hack.

Advantages may be dearly bought.

The Ass and the Enemy

Get up! Let us flee from the foe,"
Said the man: but the ass said - "why so?"
"Will they double my load,
Or my blows? Then, by goad,
And by stirrup, I've no cause to go."

Your reasons are not mine."
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