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Page 65 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 3

Moir, Ethel, 1918, Document
Page 65 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 3
Page 65 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 3
Page 65 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 3
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Page 65 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 3
for over 3 days. Rumour says that an offensive on a large scale is shortly to take place. At present we've quite enough to do with things on a small scale!

1st June Verbliani.
So now June is upon & another month gone - how time flies! We've been v. short-handed the last few days, so many of the staff are down with "campitis"! Being not very fit myself, I was put on duty in the sick-staff tent at the beginning of the week in order to have a rest. It has been a rest! It has been the most strenuous few days I've had since the hospital opened!! Not only is the sick-staff tent full, but lots of the staff are sick up in their own quarters & that means endless running back & forwards - no joke in this blazing sun!
The Greeks appear to have been successful in their little stunt the other night & took some front line trenches & capturing a number of prisoners. The guns are most active on our front these nights - there's evidently something brewing. The news from France is distressing, we hear Luissons has fallen. How we long for more news!

6th June Verbliani.
It's certainly warming up & besides the heat, the flies & mosquitoes etc: are becoming most active & tiresome.
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