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Station 17: Yui

Kunisada I (Toyokuni III), 1854, Wood cut
Station 17: Yui
Station 17: Yui
Station 17: Yui
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Fifty-three stations by two brushes (Sohitsu gojusantsugi). Station 17: Yui
This print depicts two women engaged in armed combat. A women with a sword strikes at her opponent who kneels to block the attack with the chain attached to her scythe. Both of the women are elegantly dressed in kimono, the long sleeves of which have been tied back to allow the women more movement. Both of the women are bare foot.
The woman with the sword wears a dark grey kimono with a pale grey cherry blossom motif. The kimono is fastened with a large obi belt that ties at the back. The belt's fabric decorated with a geometric red starburst pattern. The woman's red underkimono is visible at her hemline and under her sleeves.
The crouching woman wears a green long sleeved (furisode) kimono with a pink cherry blossom design. Her obi belt is purple and red and is tied behind her. She also wears a red underkimono.
In the background inset, Hiroshige depicts the beautiful but dangerous Setta Pass. In the mid-17th century, this path was cut through the cliff to facilitate travel along the Tokaido. Travellers on this section of the highway could enjoy the incredible views of Mount Fuji and the Bay of Kiyomi. Hiroshige's Hoeido print emphasises the dangers of the pass as travellers risk their lives to peer over the edge of the steep cliff in order to catch a glimpse of the view beyond.
Artist / maker
Kunisada I (Toyokuni III)
Hori Take (Yokogawa Takejiro)
36 x 24.8 cm
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