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The Hart and the Vine, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'

Crane, Walter, 1900, Publisher's print
The Hart and the Vine, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Hart and the Vine, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Hart and the Vine, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
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The Hart and the Vine, illustrated page from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
A hart lies awkwardly on the ground, an arrow in its side and surrounded by vine leaves. Above, a man in a tunic and hat with a sword and scabbard in his belt, is looking at the deer, bow in hand, and fingers still spread from releasing the arrow. Trees stand in the background and the rhyme is written on unfurled parchment attached to the vine. It reads:
"The Hart and the Vine

A hart by the hunters pursued,
Safely hid in a vine, till he chewed
The sweet tender green,
And, through shaking leaves seen,
He was slain by his ingratitude.

Spare your benefactors."
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