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Iwai Shijaku II (Kumesaburo III)

Kunichika, 1864, Wood cut
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Iwai Shijaku II (Kumesaburo III)
Iwai Shijaku II (Kumesaburo III)
Iwai Shijaku II (Kumesaburo III)
Iwai Shijaku II (Kumesaburo III)
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Iwai Shijaku II (Kumesaburo III) as Okami the daughter of Doguya.
The actor, named as Iwai Shijaku II, is depicted performing an 'onnagata' (female) role. Since 1629, women had been banned from performing on stage and thereafter all of the female roles in Kabuki were performed by men. The actor wears a costume that resembles the traditonal Japanese bridal kimono and headdress. The red underkimono adds an element of eroticism to the costume. The figure is shown kneeling down surrounded by stacks of straw.
36 x 24.5 cm.
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