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The Farmer's Treasure, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'

Crane, Walter, 1900, Publisher's print
The Farmer's Treasure, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Farmer's Treasure, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Farmer's Treasure, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
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The Farmer's Treasure, illustrated page from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
An old man, lying on a bed, motions with one hand to three younger men at the foot of the bed; another figure also looks on from the head. In the room behind them, leaning beside the door frame, is a collection of agricultural tools. In the background, through the doorway, is a tree and a field, and proud against the horizon, a figure scattering seed. The rhyme reads:
"The Farmer's Treasure

Dig deeply, my sons! Through this field!
There's a treasure - he died: unrevealed
The spot where 'twas laid,
They dug as he bade;
And the treasure was found in the yield.

Productive labour is the only source of wealth."
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17.8 x 18.8 cm
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