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The Boaster, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'

Crane, Walter, 1900, Publisher's print
The Boaster, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Boaster, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Boaster, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
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The Boaster, illustrated page from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
A man stands with his hands on his hips and looks towards a group of figures, his head lifted a little and with an arrogant expression on his face. A chicken, mid-strut, looks up at him and in the foreground, in front of a pedestal are two pigeon-like birds, one of which is walking upright and puffing out its chest. All the figures wear classical dress and one is in armour.

The rhyme reads:
"The Boaster
In the house, in the market, the streets,
Everywhere he was boasting his feats;
Till one said, with a sneer,
"Let us see it done here!
What's so oft done with ease, one repeats."

Deeds not words."
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17.8 x 18.8 cm
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