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The Wind and the Sun, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'

Crane, Walter, 1900, Publisher's print
The Wind and the Sun, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Wind and the Sun, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
The Wind and the Sun, from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
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The Wind and the Sun, illustrated page from 'Baby's Own Aesop'
A winged boy blows a circular horn into a windy scene of leafless trees and a man wearing a cloak and clutching his hat. In the centre third of the picture is the rhyme:
"The Wind and the Sun

The Wind and the Sun had a bet,
The wayfarers' cloak which should get:
Blew the Wind, the cloak clung:
Shone the Sun, the cloak flung
Showed the Sun had the best of it yet.

True strength is not bluster."

Below the rhyme, the man has shed his cloak. He wears a classical tunic and looks over his shoulder at the sun, which is blazing and has a figure with flame-like hair in its centre.
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