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New Year parade of Edo's firemen

Ittosai Yoshitsuna, 1852, Wood cut
New Year parade of Edo's firemen
New Year parade of Edo's firemen
New Year parade of Edo's firemen
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New Year parade of Edo's firemen
This print depicts the New Year parade of Edo's firemen performing a ceremony known as 'Dezomeshiki' that ensured fire safety in the coming year. All of the firemen from different municipal departments have converged in a vibrant assembly. The traditional fireman's uniform was blue and white and was thickly padded so that it could be soaked with water to provide protection against flames. The men carry white standards (matoi) of various shapes, as well as hooked staffs and ladders. As part of the festival, firemen chanted work songs and performed acrobatics at the top of their bamboo ladders - a performance art known as 'hashigonori'. In the distance Mount Fuji is visible and there are two white cranes, these were auspicious symbols associated with the New Year celebrations.
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Ittosai Yoshitsuna
35 x 72 cm
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