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Shirai Gonpachi discovered by Banzui Chobei

Kunisada I (Toyokuni III), 1847, Wood cut
Shirai Gonpachi discovered by Banzui Chobei
Shirai Gonpachi discovered by Banzui Chobei
Shirai Gonpachi discovered by Banzui Chobei
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Shirai Gonpachi discovered by Banzui Chobei, scene from a Kabuki play
The legends and plays inspired by the life of Shirai Gonpachi, transformed a villainous character into a popular hero. In fiction many of Gonpachi's treacherous deeds are guided by his chivalrous impulse, his main goal being to free the beautiful Komurasaki, who has been sold to a brothel.
In this print Shirai Gonpachi is pictured crouching and sheltering under a straw cape. Gonpachi has just been involved in a fight and Banzui Chobei (shown standing beside him with a lantern) has come to Gonpachi's aid. After this first meeting, Chobei will become Gonpachi's main ally and partner in crime. Behind them is a large gravestone inscribed with the words 'Praise to the Lotus Sutra', this grave indicates that they are at Suzugamori and are close to the execution grounds.
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Kunisada I (Toyokuni III)
36 x 25 cm.
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