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Group of women drinking tea

Kyosai, 1855, Wood cut
Group of women drinking tea
Group of women drinking tea
Group of women drinking tea
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Group of women drinking tea
This is an affectionate sketch of a group of women engaged in various activities. At the front of the group, a number of women are enjoying tea and are shown in conversation with friends with their cats asleep on their laps. In the centre of the group a few women inspect their appearance in mirrors, one of the ladies is having her hair brushed by her companion. To the right, several women are engaged in sewing or repairing kimono and one lady is shown threading a needle. At the back of the group, a few ladies have laid down their fans to make ink paintings. One woman at the back fans the coals in a brazier, she turns away from the cloud of grey smoke and covers her mouth.
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22.5 x 28.5 cm.
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