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Coming from the Races

Geikie, Walter, Etching
Coming from the Races
Coming from the Races
Coming from the Races
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Coming from the Races
In this etching Geikie depicts a crowd travelling home after a day at the races. The setting might be Leith Races, an annual horse-racing event located on Leith Sands since the 17th century, or it could be the turf racecourse at Musselburgh where the event transferred to in 1816.

Racing events had a carnival atmosphere, and were accompanied by many of the stalls and attractions that featured at local fairs. Booths selling alcohol were a common sight. To the left of the composition a man is shown drinking from a tankard outside one such booth. Behind him another man stumbles drunkenly towards the road, supported by two companions. Meanwhile, a concerned soldier holds his inebriated friend in check as they pass by the stalls.
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