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The Bridal Journey - Act VIII from Chushingura

Utagawa Kunikiyo II, 1857, Wood cut
The Bridal Journey - Act VIII from Chushingura
The Bridal Journey - Act VIII from Chushingura
The Bridal Journey - Act VIII from Chushingura
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'The Treasury of Loyal Retainers' ('Chushingura'), Act VIII. The Bridal Journey
This is Act 8 from the Kabuki play known as 'Chushingura' - 'The Treasury of Loyal Retainers'. This act is known as the Bridal Journey. The standing character is the bride, Konami, and the woman sitting down, wearing a blue kimono and holding a pipe, is Tonase, the bride's mother. They are resting with their luggage on their way to a reunion with Rikiya, Konami's betrothed. The death of Enya Hangan has made Rikiya a masterless samurai (ronin) and Konami fears that Rikiya's change in status will lead him to reject her and break off their engagement. Mount Fuji is in visible in the background and Konami wonders whether her happiness will disappear as quickly as the melting snow on the mountain.
Artist / maker
Utagawa Kunikiyo II
25 x 36.5 cm.
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