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Page 221 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1

Moir, Ethel, 1916, Document
Page 221 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 221 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 221 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
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Page 221 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
to Gulsvik it begins to ascend & the scenery gets grander & grander; magnificant [magnificent] snow clad mountains, broken through by the sudden yawn of a deep ravine & in the remoater [remoter] background, soaring into hoary highlands & jagged ivory peaks. After passing Gjeilo the line threads its way for some distance through a long series of avalanche sheds & timber barriers erected as a defence against the terrific blizzards that rage in the district during the winter months. After going across the Hardanger waste we reached
Finse - the highest station on the line. Finse is in the heart of the mountains, the very centre of the wildest & most magnificent
scenery. Grand mountain passes open up on all sides; huge peaks tower above; on the right is the snow & ice bound Tauge Lake & on the other side of the Lake, the Ravenberg mountain tops, - the yokel's mighty sentries on its north- west border. More & more peaks & steep mountain sides, long tunnels & between them, "peeps" out over the wild waste, the surroundings growing wilder & wilder. Just before Myrdal comes the point that is certainly the grandest of the whole line. It is between 2 tunnels & there is but a few minutes - all too short - to enjoy the glorious sight, but it is marvellous beyond description. And soon as we saw it, with the sun setting crimson
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