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Page 219 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1

Moir, Ethel, 1916, Document
Page 219 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 219 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 219 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
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Page 219 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
very pretty country, very hilly & all the pine trees heavily laden with snow. We spent the afternoon exploring. We walked along the Karl Johans Gade - the principal street in the city - through the Royal Parks & on to the Ramparts. Then down to the port & all round the harbour & home through the akersgade & passed the Storthings - Bygning or Parliament House & the handsome buildings of the University. Of course after Stockholm Christiania is nothing! But it's quite a pretty little place all the same. We spend the night here & go on to Bergen to-morrow. I will finish this after we get to Bergen.

15th March. We left Christiania early yesterday morning, we had a very early, cold start & were all very cross!
However, after getting comfortably settled in - we soon recovered! And what a day of glorious scenery! The weather was perfect; clear, with brilliant sunshine & a blue, cloudless sky. The scenery between Christiania & Bergen is most gorgeous. This famous railway, which writes the two largest towns of Norway, is about 330 miles in length, it took 13 years to complete at a cost of £3,000,000 & has only been open for trafic [traffic] since 1909. To start with it is tame, then from Höneford
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