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Page 189 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1

Moir, Ethel, 1916, Document
Page 189 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 189 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
Page 189 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
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Page 189 from Ethel Moir Diary, Vol 1
& that he is safely "down" the Neva. The Tsarina seems to have been quite "bereft" about him, it's extraordinary how a dirty, common
peasant priest could have had such an influence over her. He is said to have "cured" the little Tsaravitch on various occasions & in that way, played on the feelings of the Empress. The Tsarina appears to be cordially disliked & hated here. The people say she is a German & that all her sympathies just now are with Germany & that her party her [are] working for Germany; & pretty successfully too if all one hears is true. We have been seeing as much of Petrograd as possible this last week. It is a most attractive town. The streets are broad & straight, the 1st class ones are called "Prospects" & most of them are paved with wood. The longest & most important is the Nevsky Prospect, which is 4 miles long. On Winter afternoons The Nevsky & another well-known thorough fare - The Moskaya - are much frequented by promenaders & one sees splendid pictures of life. The swiftly running carriages - with runners instead of wheels - with their fine horses, in which the elite drive are very striking. They fly along with no sound but the sound of the bells, the crack of the whips &
the subdued crunching of the snow. The coachmen pad up
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