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Mary Patterson or Mitchell

Unknown, 1829, Wash drawing
Mary Patterson or Mitchell
Mary Patterson or Mitchell
Mary Patterson or Mitchell
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Mary Patterson (Paterson) or Mitchell
Mary Paterson stands with her arms folded and looks to her right. She is wearing a blue dress with a white apron and yellow shawl over the top of it. Her hair is worn up.

The poet, Donald Campbell has written a poem inspired by Mary Paterson, victim of the infamous murderers, Burke and Hare:

Mary Paterson

Betrayed by folly and deceit
Mary was always trim and neat;
a familiar figure on the town
whose ready smile was so well-known
to every customer she'd greet.

She was a tender lass and sweet
with never a sign of false conceit.
Most of her life she lived alone
with not a soul to call her own;
her isolation was quite complete.

Accommodating and discreet
But far too trusting on the street.
Through such trust, the deed was done,
One false step and she was gone
Betrayed by folly and deceit.
Artist / maker
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection