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The Port of Leith

Clays, Paul Jean, Oil painting
The Port of Leith
The Port of Leith
The Port of Leith
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The Port of Leith
The Port of Leith is an oil painting on canvas. The central scene is that of a large boat heading towards the port of Leith. In the left of the foreground a rowing boat is navigating a swirl of waves as it enters the Port of Leith behind the large vessel. The long wooden boat contains six figures, both men and women.
In the centre of the painting is a large vessel caught in the wind as it leans towards the right. The colour of the ocean and the angle of the vessel suggest the difficulty the boats are having trying to navigate in such blustery conditions.
In the background the port is filled with boats and vessels of various sizes. The port sits in front of the backdrop of hills in which Arthur's Seat and Salisbury Crags can be clearly distinguished.
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106.7 x 165.1 cm
City Art Centre
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