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Station 32: Arai

Kunisada I (Toyokuni III), 1855, Wood cut
of 17
Station 32: Arai
Station 32: Arai
Station 32: Arai
Station 32: Arai
Library Item
Fifty-three stations by two brushes (Sohitsu gojusantsugi). Station 32: Arai.
In this print, an old lady crouches down in front of a young man and examines him using her eyeglass. The woman wears a brown kimono with a white repeat motif secured at the waist with plaid patterned obi belt. Her grey hair is tied back in a tight bun. The man before her wears a grey and purple plaid kimono over a brown loincloth, and navy and blue gaiters over his shins. He has drawn up his kimono before him. He wears straw sandals and a wide brimmed straw hat (sandogasa) lies on the ground to his side. Arai post station was an important checkpoint and some travellers were thoroughly questioned and searched before they were allowed to continue with their journey. All travellers had to carry travel permits and any unauthorised travel or attempts to avoid inspection at checkpoints were punishable by death.
In the background inset, Hiroshige depicts the stretch of water between Maisaka and Arai. The 'Arai' edition in the Hoeido Tokaido series provides a close up view of the boats making this crossing. One boat is decked out with a daimyo's ceremonial banners and streamers while the smaller boat sailing with it carries the daimyo's servants.
Kunisada I (Toyokuni III)
Hori Take (Yokogawa Takejiro)
36 x 24.8 cm
Art and Design Library
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