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Geikie, Walter

Geikie, Walter
Geikie, Walter
Geikie, Walter
About the artist
Geikie, Walter
Born in 1795 and succumbing to a nervous fever two years later, Geikie lost the faculties of hearing and speech. Through his father's attention and encouragement Geikie undertook a successful educational career. During his formative years he became adept in pencil work and sketching, especially everyday scenes he came across in Edinburgh and its environs. Having shown much promise he was admitted to the Academy of Drawing.
Although he produced paintings and worked with other processes it is his pencil work with its subject content and humour that best showed his real gift.
A religious man, Geikie conducted religious meetings and sermons with others using a sign language.
Geikie died in 1837 after a short illness and is buried in Greyfriar's Cemetery.
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