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Kilchalten Bay, Bute [Kildalton ?]

Skene, James, 1818, Watercolour
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Kilchalten Bay, Bute [Kildalton ?]
Kilchalten Bay, Bute [Kildalton ?]
Kilchalten Bay, Bute [Kildalton ?]
Kilchalten Bay, Bute [Kildalton ?]
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Kilchalten Bay, Bute [Kildalton ?]
A view of Kilchalten Bay with a wide expanse of water to the left and a large sandy beach to the right. A hill rises up prominently from the shore, where a small village nestles in its shadow. Boats lies in the water, while a horse and cart is led by two people across the sands. In the distance there appears to be three standing stones on a small raised plain.
17 x 40 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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