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Cocoa Nut Tom

Holt, Edward P., 1871, Watercolour
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Cocoa Nut Tom
Cocoa Nut Tom
Cocoa Nut Tom
Cocoa Nut Tom
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Cocoa Nut Tom
A bearded man, named Cocoa Nut Tom, looks to the side as he stands on an Edinburgh street and leans on his walking stick. He is wearing a wide brimmed hat, dark coat and green scarf and carries a basket over his other arm.

The poet, Donald Campbell has written a poem inspired by this character by Holt:

Coconut Tam

A bread and butter life at best
With little sugar, far less jam
Yet, in the High Street, with the rest
Of his wild kind, he bore the palm.
Taste and try afore ye buy!
That was the cry of Coconut Tam.
20.4 x 12.5 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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