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No. 4. Grace before Meals

Greenaway, Kate, 1881,
No. 4. Grace before Meals
No. 4. Grace before Meals
No. 4. Grace before Meals
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No. 4. Grace before Meals, an illustrated page from 'A Day in a Child's Life'
At the top of the page two sprigs of a woody needle-leafed evergreen frame three praying children. The children wear early 19th century dress: long dresses, sashes, aprons or large collars, and the central child wears a mob cap. Beneath is the music for the fourth song, Grace before Meals, a treble line plus accompaniment.
The words read,
'No. 4 Grace before Meals.

Here, a little child, I stand,
Heaving up my either hand;
Cold as paddocks though they be,
Here I life them up to Thee,
For a benison to fall
On our meat and on us all.
Amen, Amen.'

At the end of the music is a ceramic plate painted with flowers.
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