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Set model from Aladdin Pantomime

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Set model from Aladdin Pantomime
Set model from Aladdin Pantomime
Set model from Aladdin Pantomime
Set model from Aladdin Pantomime
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Set model for the 'Cave Transformation' scene from the pantomime 'Aladdin', 1985
One pantomime set model of the Inside of Aladdin's Cave from Aladdin (Act I Scene XII), designed by Terry Parsons. The set model has a frame of black cardboard with a gold and blue band, taking the place of the proscenium; behind the frame is a deep cardboard box, also black. Inside the frame is a three-dimensional model of the set, with three distinct layers. In the foreground is a paper cut-cloth, hand-painted in acrylic to look like the stalactite-hung roof of a cave. Behind it is a freestanding platform with four steps, also painted to look like stone, with several freestanding boulders and broken columns; on a three-tiered orange pedestal behind the columns stands the paper figurine of Aladdin, his costume decorated with sequins. Aladdin is framed by a Chinese-style temple doorway, painted cream, yellow, and orange and trimmed with sequins, atop which sits a gold Buddha. Alongside this temple doorway is an orange curving staircase, on which stand a parade of five plumed and sequined paper chorus girls. Finally, there is a second cut cloth behind the showgirls, painted in orange and cream to resemble the rest of the temple's façade, ornamented with gold round and shell-shaped sequins.
344 x 576 x 309 mm
Museums Collection Centre
The City of Edinburgh Council Museums & Galleries
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