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The "U" Boat Fighting the Unarmed Off America

Raemaekers, Louis, 1917, Chromolithograph
The "U" Boat Fighting the Unarmed Off America
The "U" Boat Fighting the Unarmed Off America
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The "U" Boat Fighting the Unarmed Off America
"Mind, I'm operating at but not inside your gate; tomorrow I'll come inside to bring you a letter from my Kaiser."

"The 'U 53' flying the Imperial German Flag unexpectedly appeared at Newport, Rhode Island, on 7 October 1916. It was escorted into Newport Harbour by a United States submarine and ran in, passing thirty-seven ships of the U.S. Atlantic fleet. After a short stay for delivering letters it left. It subsequently destroyed just off the coast eight vessels, of which four were British and one Dutch (the 'Bloomersdijk,' a freighter, 4,850 tons from New York to London). An American vessel, the 'Kansas' was stopped. As regards the 'Stephano,' a British Red Cross liner, the submarine began firing at it and finding that the presence of United States destroyers, the 'Benham' and 'McDougall,' impeded its aim, it requested them to move out of its way. The request was complied with, and the submarine launched a torpedo at the 'Stephano' and sank it."
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36.2 x 25.8 cm
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Louis Raemaekaers' drawings are reproduced by kind permission of the Louis Raemaekers Foundation.