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Station 2: Shinagawa

Kunisada I (Toyokuni III), 1854, Wood cut
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Station 2: Shinagawa
Station 2: Shinagawa
Station 2: Shinagawa
Station 2: Shinagawa
Library Item
Fifty-three stations by two brushes (Sohitsu gojusantsugi). Station 2: Shinagawa (Sohitsu gojusantsugi)
In this print one woman, possibly a hairdresser, is busy combing the long hair of a second woman. The seated woman patiently smokes a pipe and reads a 'kibyoshi' or paperback while the other woman styles her hair. The novel with its distinctive yellow cover has been placed over the dressing table's mirror transforming it into a lectern. This lady wears a red kimono with a 'shibori' or tie-dyed starburst pattern. The sleeves and hemline are edged with a sage green striped fabric. On the floor beside her there is a small portable lacquer box with a carrying handle.
The hairdresser wears a kimono that has been gradation dyed so that just below the waist the fabric of the kimono turns from purple to green. The kimono's hem is decorated with a blossom design. The woman's obi belt is sage green with a swirling black floral motif, this has been tied at the front.
Behind the woman, in an inset, is a view of the seashore. Sailboats and punts float on the calm water of Edo Bay.
In Hiroshige's Hoeido series the subject matter of the Shinagawa print is a daimyo's procession. This has been replaced in 'Fifty-three stations by two brushes' with two stylish women.
Shinagawa was the first post station on the Tokaido after the road began at Nihonbashi. During the Edo period this area was made busy by crowds of travellers, and became the location for teahouses, pleasure quarters and restaurants. Shinagawa was both an unlicensed pleasure district and the location for the Suzugamori execution grounds.
Kunisada I (Toyokuni III)
Hori Take (Yokogawa Takejiro)
36 x 24.8 cm
Art and Design Library
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