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Port Seton Harbour

Unknown, 1879, Photograph
of 77
Port Seton Harbour
Port Seton Harbour
Port Seton Harbour
Port Seton Harbour
Library Item
Port Seton Harbour
A scene showing boats with tall masts in the water of the harbour. Smaller boats stand out of the water on the banked sides of the harbour. Some derelict houses stand by the harbour to the right of the image. Whitewashed houses in a better state of repair stand at the centre of the image. Standing on the harbour pier are a woman and a small boy who wears a sailor suit outfit. A short distance away away a child sits on a bollard on the harbour's edge. On the harbour walkway there is equipment from the fishing industry scattered around. Most notably a pile of fishing nets on the edge by the boats.
12.0 cm x 16.4 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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