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Twelfth page for 'Mr. Chumley's Holidays'

Caldecott, Randolph, 1891, Chromolithograph
Twelfth page for 'Mr. Chumley's Holidays'
Twelfth page for 'Mr. Chumley's Holidays'
Twelfth page for 'Mr. Chumley's Holidays'
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Twelfth page for 'Mr. Chumley's Holidays' in Randolph Caldecott's '"Graphic" Pictures'
This is the final page for the 'Mr. Chumley's Holidays' section. The page is divided into four: picture, text, picture, text. At the top left, a man, smartly dressed with a large blue bow tie, sits on the edge of his seat with his hands outstretched as he helps his companion wind a yarn of wool. His companion is a young woman, who sits reclined in an upholstered armchair with her feet on a footstool as she concentrates on the task. Behind them is wallpaper or a screen, and another couple can be glimpsed in the far left hand corner.

In the illustration on the bottom right of the page a man and a woman sit on the edge of a stone structure beside a conifer tree. Behind them stand old ruins.
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27.0 x 36.5 cm
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