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Shadowed Interior

Gillies, Sir William George, Oil painting
Shadowed Interior
Shadowed Interior
Shadowed Interior
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Shadowed Interior
A still life painting depicting the interior contents of the artists home at Temple in Midlothian. Facing the viewer in the foreground is a yellow table standing centrally in a large room. Various objects sit upon the table top. The items are simply arranged upon the table in a vaguely symmetrical fashion. Two large vases containing foliage sit on opposite sides of the table. Displayed between the vases there is an orange cup with a geometric design, a large blue class decanter and a Dutch flower vase.
In the background the table sits against a window that separates the large room in to two. In the far left we can see a piano above which hangs an abstract painting.
108.2 x 98.1 cm
City Art Centre
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