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The Seer (Maboroshi) from the "Tale of Genji"

Kunisada II, 1857, Wood cut
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The Seer (Maboroshi) from the "Tale of Genji"
The Seer (Maboroshi) from the "Tale of Genji"
The Seer (Maboroshi) from the "Tale of Genji"
The Seer (Maboroshi) from the "Tale of Genji"
Library Item
The Seer (Maboroshi) Chapter 41 from the "Tale of Genji" inspired series "Murasaki Shikibu Genji Cards"
Floating on a cloud stand two women, one wears a kesa and carries a rosary. She is attended by a fan bearer in Chinese dress. On the ground sits Prince Mitsuuji and a female companion staring in amazement at this vision. To their left another couple bows down in awe at this sight. To the left, there is a bonsai tree and a cushioned seating area, and a table upon which two birds are perched.
36 x 25 cm
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