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Jamie Grant

Holt, Edward P., 1871, Watercolour
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Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant
Jamie Grant
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Jamie Grant
A man with no legs sits on an Edinburgh street. He has objects, possibly some sort of walking aid, tied to each hand.

The poet, Donald Campbell has written a poem inspired by this character by Holt:

Jamie Grant

In boyhood Jamie used to run,
played with his pals out in the sun
but now his time is moving on;
the sun's gone out
and his pals are gone.

Though misadventure took his legs
He moves about on his hand-pegs.
And while he can go on
He'll never be one who sits and begs;
He'll drink his life down to its dregs
Until it's done.
16.4 x 13.2 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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