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Young Murasaki (Wakamurasaki)

Kunisada II, 1857, Wood cut
of 40
Young Murasaki (Wakamurasaki)
Young Murasaki (Wakamurasaki)
Young Murasaki (Wakamurasaki)
Young Murasaki (Wakamurasaki)
Library Item
Young Murasaki (Wakamurasaki) Chapter 5 from the "Tale of Genji" inspired series "Murasaki Shikibu Genji Cards"
A Japanese woman stands under a cherry tree wearing a highly elaborate kimono and headdress. She is holding up her robes to reveal high geta shoes. A boy stands to her left and holds aloft a decorated branch. The young woman to her right lifts a woven basket into the air uncovering a lamp stand. In the background Prince Mitsuuji sits on a raised dais attended by two companions.
36 x 25 cm
Art and Design Library
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