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Station 33: Shirasuka

Kunisada I (Toyokuni III), 1855, Wood cut
Station 33: Shirasuka
Station 33: Shirasuka
Station 33: Shirasuka
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Fifty-three stations by two brushes (Sohitsu gojusantsugi). Station 33: Shirasuka
A samurai, dressed in a white and purple striped kimono, sits with crossed arms and legs in an open sided palanquin. His wooden clogs (geta) hang from hooks on the palanquin's outside wall. The hilt of the man's sword is tucked into his obi belt indicating that he is a member of the warrior class. The man, with a serious face, watches the young boy crawling on the ground in front of him. The boy is wearing a brown and white kimono patterned with actors' crests.
In the background inset, Hiroshige depicts travellers climbing up the hill of Shiomizaka. From the hill top travellers could enjoy a view of the boats on the sea. The corresponding print from Hiroshige's Hoedio Tokaido series illustrates the scene of a daimyo and his retainers descending the hill with a view of the sea behind them.
Artist / maker
Kunisada I (Toyokuni III)
Hori Take (Yokogawa Takejiro)
36 x 24.8 cm
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