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The President's Declaration

Raemaekers, Louis, 1919, Chromolithograph
The President's Declaration
The President's Declaration
The President's Declaration
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The President's Declaration
"When Germany is defeated and Peace is discussed we shall ask the full price, viz. : 'Justice of all nations.'"

President Wilson, by his enunciation of the fourteen points which Germany must unconditionally accept before seeking peace, proclaimed to the world the new law of the Nations. The law given of the Jewish race made ten commandments. President Wilson, whose policy in the dark days shone forth with the idealism of a seer, has issued fourteen commandments. It is fitting that Raemaekers in this cartoon should have presented the President as a monk reading the new laws to the congregated nations of the world. In his nature as in his physiognomy there is much of the ascetic. When head of a great University he attempted to stamp out extravagance and exclusiveness among a body of undergraduates. After a long fight he almost won when the legacy of a dead man defeated his policy. That apparent misfortune was the world's blessing. It sent Wilson into politics and via the Governorship of New Jersey to the Presidency of the United States. He possesses, probably as the result of that long fight against wealth and influence, a Lutheran doggedness, a combination of the astute practical and the ideal theoretical principles of a predecessor's great proclamation: 'Government of the people, by the people, for the people."
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34.2 x 22.2 cm
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Louis Raemaekaers' drawings are reproduced by kind permission of the Louis Raemaekers Foundation.