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Onboard the 'Janet Nicoll'

Osbourne, Lloyd, 1890, Photograph
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Onboard the 'Janet Nicoll'
Onboard the 'Janet Nicoll'
Onboard the 'Janet Nicoll'
Onboard the 'Janet Nicoll'
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Onboard the 'Janet Nicoll'
Fanny and Robert Louis Stevenson pose on the deck of the Janet Nicoll with members of the crew. The crew are Ernest Henry, the captain; Harry Henderson, the charterer and partner in the firm of Henderson and Macfarlane; Walter Stoddard, the engineer; Ben Hird, the supercargo, a well-known trader; and Jack Buckland, a Gilbert Island beachcomber. Fanny sits in a white dress on the deck whilst Stevenson leans on the rail wearing dark shorts and a striped jacket.
Osbourne, Lloyd
19.5 x 22.6 cm
Writers' Museum
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