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Joe Co'burn

Holt, Edward P., 1871, Watercolour
of 67
Joe Co'burn
Joe Co'burn
Joe Co'burn
Joe Co'burn
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Joe Co'burn
A man wearing a sailor's suit balances on a crutch to enable him to stand as his holds out his sailor's cap to passersby.

The poet, Donald Campbell has written a poem inspired by this character by Holt:

Joe Co'burn

As brave as brave could be
Young Joe Co'burn went to sea
in loyal service of his native land.
Yet Jane was always on his mind;
that sweet lass he left behind.
He wore her golden ring on his left hand.

Later on Joe was to find
Jane was not the waiting kind;
patience played no part in her life's plan.
When Joe came home from the sea
with his leg shot off at the knee
he discovered that she'd wed another man.

Here he is now, destitute
Having lost his good right foot
As unhappy as a sparrow that can't sing.
To make matters so much worse,
being mindful of her purse,
Jane demanded the return of her gold ring.
24.6 x 14.5 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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