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Untitled (Group outside bungalow), p. 45

Unknown, 1889, Photograph
Untitled (Group outside bungalow), p. 45
Untitled (Group outside bungalow), p. 45
Untitled (Group outside bungalow), p. 45
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Untitled (Group including Robert Louis Stevenson outside bungalow), p. 45
A large tree dominates the foreground of this image of Robert Louis Stevenson and his family sitting outside his bungalow in the Sandwich Islands. In the doorway stands Margaret Stevenson and Belle Strong; they both have floral wreaths round their necks. In front of them Ah Fu, their Chinese cook is crouching down, pouring Robert Louis Stevenson tea. Stevenson is wearing a white cap and a tartan tie. Beside him sits Fanny Stevenson with a flower behind her ear and Lloyd Osbourne. Osbourne is wearing a striped jacket and also has a floral wreath round his neck. The bungalow has plants growing all round the doorway and a wooden fence round the yard.

The image is from the photograph album entitled 'The Cruise of the Casco' of Robert Louis Stevenson's travels around Hawaii and French Polynesia in 1888.
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20 x 24 cm
Writers' Museum
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