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The Perfumed Prince (Niou Miya) the "Tale of Genji"

Kunisada II, 1857, Wood cut
The Perfumed Prince (Niou Miya) the "Tale of Genji"
The Perfumed Prince (Niou Miya) the "Tale of Genji"
The Perfumed Prince (Niou Miya) the
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The Perfumed Prince (Niou Miya) Chapter 42 from the "Tale of Genji" inspired series "Murasaki Shikibu Genji Cards"
Three Japanese people sit within a building complex. The two women, busy winding silk, and are turning to look at Prince Mitsuuji who is seated writing calligraphy. The characters in the print are celebrating the "Shichiseki" or "Tanabata" festival that took place on the 7th day of the 7th month and is associated with dyeing silk and writing poetry on long strips of paper (tanzaku). All the figures wear ornate kimono and Prince Mitsuuji can be distinguished by his lobster tail forelock. A carved balustrade runs behind them and the rooftops of the surrounding buildings can be seen beyond it. A kite flies overhead and trees that have been decorated for the festival, bend in the wind.
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36 x 25 cm
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