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Old Kirsty - Kirsty Davidson

Holt, Edward P., 1871, Watercolour
Old Kirsty - Kirsty Davidson
Old Kirsty - Kirsty Davidson
Old Kirsty - Kirsty Davidson
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Old Kirsty - Kirsty Davidson
A portrait of an stooped elderly woman with a large hooked nose leaning on a pair of walking sticks. The Edinburgh woman wears a bonnet tied under her chin and a long white apron around her waist.

The poet, Donald Campbell has written a poem inspired by this character by Holt:

Kirsty Davidson

Kirsty Davidson must walk slow;
her back is bent, her legs unsteady.
Each step takes time, she'll only go
when she is ready.

Down Causewayside she makes her way
to Anderson's delightful shop.
When Kirsty has the means to pay
she likes a drop.

She'll sup her drink amid the hum
of company and soon regain
her spirits and, once more become
herself again,

A six-year-old at play upon the street;
a sweet young girl seen dancing at a ball;
an older woman quick upon her feet;
Kirsty is them all.

Her neighbours love her - she can be sure
at closing-time they'll rally round
to see her home to her own front-door
safe and sound.
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16 x 12.6 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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