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Bal Celtique

D'Hardiviller, Chevalier, 1837, Lithograph
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Bal Celtique
Bal Celtique
Bal Celtique
Bal Celtique
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Bal Celtique
A group of men and women gather to talk in the reception area in the Assembly Rooms. The men are dressed in full highland costume and the women wear long fancy dresses. At the front on the left of the picture a boy wearing a kilt stands holding a decorated staff. In the right distant corner of the hall is a group of pipers. The hall is decorated with flags and military objects including shields, swords and axes. The dancers at the ball can be seen through the curtained arched entrance to the ballroom.
D'Hardiviller, Chevalier
35.6 x 48.8 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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