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Edinburgh characters at St Giles

Holt, Edward P., 1850, Watercolour
Edinburgh characters at St Giles
Edinburgh characters at St Giles
Edinburgh characters at St Giles
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Edinburgh characters at St Giles
A group of people have gathered by the walls of a St Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh to listen to a man speaking. The speaker is short and stands on a chair as he addresses the crowd. He has placed his top hat on the nearby railings and holds one arm behind his back as he gesticulates with the other. A light shines brightly from a lantern on the wall behind the preacher. In the small crowd, a soldier wearing a kilt stands next to a woman carrying a basket on her back. In the middle of the picture is a shabbily dressed man leaning on a walking stick.

The poet, Donald Campbell has written a poem about the artist:

Ned Holt

In his studio and on stage
At Connor's or the Hallow Fair,
The talent he possessed was rare
And would be so in any age.

But in Auld Reekie, as elsewhere
The Arts were sorely in decline.
The hey-day of the philistine
Caused all our people to despair.

And yet Ned Holt, he paid no mind
To fashions that were like to kill
The calling that he need fulfil;
To paint the portraits of his kind
From Canongait to Castlehill.

And - through his eyes - we see them still.
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39.7 x 51 cm
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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