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Hatakeyama Shigetada

Kuniyoshi, 1836, Wood cut
of 396
Hatakeyama Shigetada
Hatakeyama Shigetada
Hatakeyama Shigetada
Hatakeyama Shigetada
Library Item
Hatakeyama Shigetada (Shirafuji Hikoshichiro) from the series '100 Stories of Military Valour' (Buyu hyaku den).
The samurai Hatakeyama Shigetada (1164-1205) carrying his horse on his back; a temple is depicted in the background. Legend has it that in 1184 Shigetada and Yoshitsune attacked the undefended side of the castle of Ichinotani. Whilst descending the steep slope of Hiyodorigoe, Shigetada's horse was injured and in order to avoid defeat and dishonour, he carried the animal on his back, before successfuly staging a surprise attack.
37.5 x 24.2 cm.
Art and Design Library
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