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Fire at the head of Blackfriar's Wynd

Skene, James, 1825, Watercolour
Fire at the head of Blackfriar's Wynd
Fire at the head of Blackfriar's Wynd
Fire at the head of Blackfriar's Wynd
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Fire at the head of Blackfriar's Wynd
Firefighters are attending a blaze in a large tenement block. A large crowd of people watch the fire some from the windows of nearby houses. Within the crowd there are figures on horseback some of whom are soldiers. Part of the building has collapsed. Firefighters using a hose are directing water onto the burning building from the roof of an adjacent building. The water is being supplied from a horse-drawn fire wagon. A hose which is being elevated with wooden supports douses another part of the building. At the bottom of the main picture is a smaller image with a coat of arms featuring heraldic items. There are a fleurs-de-lis, a swan and a helmet with feathers on the top. The letters G and T are at either side of the emblems.
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16 x 23 cm, insert 5 x 6 cm.
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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