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Nether Bow Port

Skene, James, 1817, Watercolour
Nether Bow Port
Nether Bow Port
Nether Bow Port
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Nether Bow Port
A busy street scene. Men are working on the spire of a clock tower, they use scaffolding, pulleys and ladders. One of the men is holding on to a weathervane. The tower has a crenellated wall. Underneath the clockface is ornate stone carving. The gateway has a portcullis gate with a horse-drawn cart passing through. In a doorway next to the gate people are fighting. Another horse and cart carrying barrels is being unloaded. A woman stands near a walkway beside the barrels, there is a bollard beside her. A man with a walking cane stands by the side of a horse which is blinkered and wears a bridle. A child sits in front of a woman who is seated on a bench. Three men to the side wear hats. One carries a walking cane another wears a cloak. Two people climb stairs, handrails are at either side of the steps. Surrounding buildings have windows and smoke rising from chimneys.
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23 x 18 cm.
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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