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Gate of old Citadel of Leith

Skene, James, 1818, Watercolour
Gate of old Citadel of Leith
Gate of old Citadel of Leith
Gate of old Citadel of Leith
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Gate of old Citadel of Leith
A ruined arch of the gate of the old Citadel of Leith, with people standing on the top of it. In the foreground is the coast with two mooring points for small boats. Two men are cutting blocks of stone at the water's edge. On an open grassy space a woman is hanging out washing. Around the houses in the background is a wooden fence. The buildings have chimney stacks and there is smoke rising out of the lums. To the right there is a stone wall which has a lamp-post beside it and a person stands under the street light. High masts from sailing ships can be seen beyond the housing.
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17 x 25 cm.
Edinburgh and Scottish Collection
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