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Leith Library

Leith Library
Leith Library
From bombs to visiting elephants, Leith Library has seen its fair share of events.

This exhibition marks the 90th anniversary of the library opening with photographs from our collections going back to 1932. It features among many fascinating images, one of the original architect's plans dated from 1927.

As reported in The Scotsman of 29th November 1932 - it was reported by Mr Ernest A. Savage, the Librarian at a meeting of the Edinburgh Libraries Committee, that the new library in Leith since opening on 21 July up to 19 November 1932, the number of books issued for home reading was 152,185, while in the reference library 21,381 were issued - a total of 173,566. The average weekly issue was 9317 home reading and 1233 reference - a total of 10,550.

The library was badly damaged in a World War Two air raid in April 1941, but was restored and reopened in 1955. Photographs show the reconstruction work inside the building. Other pictures show how the library layout and use has changed over time.