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Theatre flyer, "Tons of Money", 1923-1925

Theatre flyer, "Tons of Money", 1923-1925
Theatre flyer, "Tons of Money", 1923-1925
Theatre flyer,
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Theatre flyer and banknote, "Tons of Money", Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, 1923-1925
One theatre flyer, printed on a Weimar Germany100,000 Reichsbanknote, advertising "Tons of Money", at the Lyceum Theatre, Edinburgh, 2nd March, 1925. The advert for the production is printed on the right side of the note, and exclaims that the production is the, 'The Laugh of the Century'.

The banknote proper has a pale pink lattice work border. Within the border is the serial number, printed twice in green ink, 'K.10994947'. The banknote is printed with German 'Fraktur' font, including the denomination, 'hunderttausend' - 100,000. The banknote includes two Reichsbank Weimar eagle seals, and a portrait of Georg Giese, a prominent Hanseatic merchant, painted by Hans Holbein. In the wide right margin is the denomination 100,000 within an embellished oval (on this note this is partly obscured by the advertisement for the theatre production). The reverse of the banknote has an off centre rectangle with a scalloped border and an ornate latticework background. In the centre is a large, embellished, multi-part oval with '100000 mark', printed. On the wide left margin there is a faint oak leaf branch watermark.
11.5 x 19 cm
Museum of Edinburgh
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The City of Edinburgh Council Museums & Galleries ; Museum of Edinburgh