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Julian Sayarer

MacLean, Kevin, 2015, Digital image
Julian Sayarer
Julian Sayarer
Julian Sayarer
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Julian Sayarer
Julian Sayarer at Edinburgh Central Library, 5th November 2015.
Julian Sayarer is a round-the-world cyclist. While working as a cycle courier in London, he learned that the world record for a circumnavigation has been broken in conjunction with banks and big business. Seeing the bicycle and open road reduced to only a corporate marketing strategy, he resolved to do things his own way and to take back the record.
He did it in 169 days, through 20 countries, covering 18,049 miles, at an average 110 miles a day. The achievement earned him a world record, but the book that tells the story - Life Cycles - isn't a story of records, and even the bicycle is kept as little more than the very special vehicle that powered this journey.
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